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Application for Employment

Please complete all sections as thoroughly as possible, even if you are attaching a resume. It is necessary to provide complete information as this will be used to determine eligibility and qualifications for a position. A separate application is required for each position/competition.

All information to us will be considered as supplied in confidence.

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Position Information

Job Title Job Location Application Date

For General Application

- Check the type of employment you are requesting
Full Time Part Time TYPE(s) OF POSITION - please describe (hourly/salary/field/office)

Personal Information

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Residential Telephone# Mobile Telephone# Email Address
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Legal Status to Work in Canada

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Education & Training

Please describe secondary, post-secondary, courses and training which have given you work related knowledge and skills. Start with highest level achieved and specify the degrees, certificates or diplomas completed. Official documentation may be required.
Click "Add Education & Training" button to add entries.

Name of Institution/Organization Location Year Taken Area of Study/Course Grade/Certificate/Diploma/Degree Completed

Association/Professional Affiliations

List any active memberships or registrations in a professional or career related organization or society.

Work History

Have you previously been employed by Black & McDonald Limited?(*)

Beginning with your most RECENT experience, describe your work history. You may wish to include relevant volunteer positions. In the area for “Duties and Skills” describe the major duties and skills acquired/used as they relate to the position you are applying for. Click "Add Work History" button to add work history data.


Briefly summarize your knowledge and major skills / achievements which relate to the advertised position or, if this is a general application, to the position(s) that interests you. You may use this space to enter other information you would like us to consider in reviewing your application.

Drivers License Information

Provide the following information if applying for a position where driving is a requirement.

List class(es) of valid driver's license List any restrictions/endorsement definitions on license If required do you have access to a vehicle?


Reference checks will be conducted to assess your past work performance and may include checks of attendance records. In addition to the references identified in the “Work History” section, you may wish to provide further references. If any references have known you by a previous name, please specify.

Reference Name Telephone# Relationship No. of years known

Your Resume

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Applicant Signature

Please read carefully before authorizing. This application is not valid unless your name, as authorization, is typed in the “Signature” space provided below. Your authorization on this application form is your consent that as a condition of being considered for employment at Black & McDonald Limited, you have agreed to release information about yourself, which is in the possession of former employers of references you have specified to Black & McDonald Limited. I certify that the information in this application or attachments / resume is true and complete. I understand that if any information in this application or attachments / resume is found to be untrue or incomplete, my application may be rejected or I may be terminated for just cause in the event that I am the successful applicant.

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